If Deodorant Doesn’t Work For You, Try This Treatment

In the past, you noticed that you sweat under your arms very heavily. This issue may cause some embarrassment or frustration for you. Still, this type of sweating can lead to stained clothing, body odor, and social anxiety. Sometimes, excessive sweating can be controlled with the right antiperspirant. Other times, if deodorant doesn't work, people [...]

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Mastopexy Recovery Tips: Best Advice for a Breast Lift

If you are experiencing drooping or sagging breasts, a mastopexy might be the right option for you. To help restore your self-confidence, this procedure can help you get the body you dream about. A certified plastic surgeon will help you determine if you are a good candidate for the procedure. After you have this discussion [...]

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Plasma Pen Treatment Overview: Procedure, Cost & Results

Plasma Pen, also known as Fibroblast, is the newest treatment in cosmetic surgery that is becoming very popular. It is a noninvasive procedure that targets a wide variety of skin conditions including loss of elasticity, sagging, and wrinkles. Traditionally, these issues are treated with fillers or plastic surgery, however, Plasma Pen is the FDA-approved alternative [...]

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Saline vs. Silicone Implants: Which is Better for Breast Augmentation?

Any person undergoing breast augmentation surgery should consider the various types of implants available to achieve their goals. Specifically, asking about saline vs. silicone implants is an important step. The right doctor will talk to you about the advantages and disadvantages of each option, helping you choose which is right for you. Before you have [...]

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