What is Fat Grafting? A Top NJ Plastic Surgeon Explains

Fat grafting is also referred to as fat transfer or fat injections. It is a cosmetic procedure used by many plastic surgeons to help patients. Patients looking to plump up their skin and achieve a more youthful look in the face can see positive results. More specifically, a fat grafting procedure fills the patient's facial [...]

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How Do Jaw Implants Work? Jaw Contouring for Men

For many men seeking a well-defined jawline and improved facial symmetry, jaw implants can be the solution. Top plastic surgeons can perform chin or jaw implant surgery to help patients achieve this goal. This procedure can add strength to a weak or recessed chin. By placing a custom-fit implant in the target area, many men [...]

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Gynecomastia Surgery: What to Expect & Recovery Tips

Gynecomastia can be a difficult medical condition for men to experience. While the causes of this condition vary, there are two simple solutions. Some medications may help or surgery to reduce breast size may be the only option to see the best results. Enlarged breasts can hinder self-confidence for many men and it may even [...]

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