3 Post-Recovery Breast Augmentation Tips

Breast augmentation has the power to help women feel more comfortable in their own bodies, gain confidence, and walk forth each day feeling their very best. Whether you choose to go up by a half-cup or multiple cup sizes, it makes all the difference in how you see yourself and how others see you, too. But augmentation is still surgery, and every surgery comes with a post-recovery period. These tips will help you make yours as pain-free and relaxed as possible.


Take Some Time Off

The biggest mistake most patients make is rushing back into normalcy too quickly after augmentation. While not as impactful as other surgeries, an augmentation still takes a serious toll on your body. You need rest and relaxation in order to heal properly and achieve good results.

Your surgical team will give you exact instructions, but as a general rule, you should anticipate taking at least two to three weeks off if you’re working. If you have the ability, booking off for up to two months will ensure you don’t feel forced to go back before you’re ready.

Most patients recover from augmentation rapidly with very few side effects. Still, resting is one of the most important factors in recovery. Don’t jeopardize your results by overdoing it early on.


Limit Arm Use for Approximately a Week

Breast augmentation impacts the muscles in and around the breast – including throughout the armpit, upper arm, and shoulder. Lifting the arms can be very painful immediately after surgery. You may find raising your arms difficult for several weeks, but it isn’t permanent – it lessens over time.

Patients often report a pulling sensation when they try to raise their arms; this, too, is normal. It is essentially a product of post-surgical inflammation and the body increasing circulation to the area to speed healing. This is the same process that occurs when you sprain or pull a muscle.

As you recover, your doctor will probably encourage you to start gentle exercises, like slowly raising the arms, until you are fully recovered.


Invest in a High-Support Sport Bra

Once you’re past the first few initial weeks of recovery, you will probably find most of your symptoms resolved. The only common exception is aching or pain during intense activity (such as running). A firm support sports bra is very helpful during this period, and will help to keep your new breasts still. Furthermore, the gentle pressure may also speed healing by encouraging better circulation and limiting fluid pooling.

While recovery strategies are important, you should also know that most patients have very little pain or excess symptoms after just the first one to two days. If you have questions about augmentation, contact Berlet Plastic Surgery for a personal consultation.

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