Cosmetic surgery is no longer a taboo subject. In 2014, there were 15.6 million cosmetic procedures performed, up 3 percent from the year before. The top cosmetic surgical procedures include breast augmentation, nose reshaping, liposuction, eyelid surgery and facelifts. Thanks to widespread use of laser therapy, there are many minimally invasive cosmetic procedures that come with reduced healing times and lower risks. We can expect to see cosmetic procedures grow in popularity because of this.


Let’s take a look at five cool facts that we think you’ll find interesting about cosmetic surgery.

1. Breast augmentation remains most popular.

Breast augmentation continues to be the top cosmetic surgical procedure since 2006. Silicone implants are most popular, but saline implants are still used in about 23 percent of surgeries. Some of the most common reasons for having the procedure include enlarging small breasts, refilling deflated breasts after pregnancy or making uneven breasts proportional.


2. Teens get it too – but not many.

Despite what reality TV may lead you to believe, not many teens are getting cosmetic surgery these days. Only about 2 percent of the total number of procedures are done on teens. Still, that’s about 224,000 cosmetic procedures, which is still quite a bit of teens when you look at that way. The most popular surgeries for this age group include nose reshaping, ear surgery, laser hair removal and laser skin resurfacing.


3. Most procedures are done on the 40-54 year old age group.

The 40-54 year old age group makes up the majority of cosmetic procedures – nearly half. And it makes sense why. This age group is starting to see the signs of aging, and they are mostly done having children. They may also be more financially stable and able to afford reconstructive surgery. Many are also empty nesters and finally have some time to spend on improving themselves.


4. More than 90 percent of procedures are done on women.

Ninety-two percent of all cosmetic procedures are done on women. Over 12 million of them are minimally invasive and include things like chemical peels, botox and laser hair removal. Men are responsible for just 8 percent of procedures.


5. Lasers are doing more of the work.

Lasers are making cosmetic procedures safer, faster and less invasive. In the past, some procedures required general anesthesia, hours in surgery and painful recoveries. With the integration of laser therapy, some only require local anesthesia and can be done in a matter of minutes in the doctor’s office. They may also require very little downtime, which is great for those who can’t readily take off work.

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