Why Spring Break Is a Great Time for Surgery

Many people take a week or two off for spring break, a time to kick back, relax and enjoy some sun that probably hasn’t been seen for much of winter. If you aren’t planning on leaving the state or country for spring break, why not consider having a cosmetic procedure done? Most recovery times are between 1-2 weeks, and you can use your time off work or school to fully heal from the surgery. Best of all, you will have a beach-ready body come summer!

Advantages to Choosing Cosmetic Surgery Over Spring Break

Let’s take a look at the benefits to having cosmetic surgery done over your spring break.

● You can use the time off from work or school to rest and recover.
● Since you won’t be missing any work or school, no one has to know that you had anything done!
● You may have received or be receiving a tax refund, which can be used to put toward the cost of surgery.
● Spring tends to have cool, rainy weather, so it’s the perfect excuse to stay inside and not miss out on anything.
● You will have the body you want by the time summer rolls around! Imagine walking along the beaches, playing sand volleyball or sun tanning with your new body?

Best Procedures for Spring Break

What types of procedures are best done over spring break? Because of the shorter healing times, we recommend:

● Breast augmentation
● Tummy tuck
● Facial cosmetic procedures
● Liposuction

Selecting the Right Cosmetic Surgeon

Now is the perfect time to meet with Berlet Plastic Surgery for your initial consultation. Dr. Berlet is an established plastic surgeon who has been recognized as being a Top Doctor by New York and New Jersey Magazine. Some of his clientele consists of high-profile individuals in the entertainment industry.

If you are considering having a cosmetic procedure done over spring break, it’s important that you choose a trusted, experienced plastic surgeon. Why? The procedure will be done right, and the healing time will be at a minimum. If you select a surgeon that doesn’t carry the proper credentials or experience, it’s possible that the surgery may not be as high quality and the recovery time could be longer.

Schedule your consultation with Dr. Berlet and get spring break ready!


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