Blepharoplasty Q&A2016-06-03T11:16:16-04:00

What can I expect?

  • You will have stitches for 5 days.
  • Your eyes will feel numb and tight, but no pain.

How do I care for my eyes after the procedure?

Sleep with additional pillows so your head is at a 45 degree angle – this will reduce swelling.  Lubricating drops will be prescribed along with other medications that will promote healing.  No contact lenses are allowed to be worn until Dr. Berlet authorizes.

Can I do computer work after the procedure?

No computer work, reading, movie watching, texting or long drives are allowed for at least 3 days, after the procedure has been performed.  This increases the chance of Chemosis (inflammation of the jelly of the eye). This inflammation may take 6 months to cure…so follow our directions, please!  Keeping ice on your eyes (on and off for 10 minutes at a time) is best for the first 36 hours after surgery.

You may return to work after 1 week, but may have residual bruising.  No heavy lifting!


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