Dr. Berlet has been in practice as a New Jersey plastic surgeon for over 20 years in Essex County, Bergen County, and the surrounding areas and has developed a large clientele from around the country and abroad.

New Jersey Liposuction (Lipoplasty / Suction Lipectomy)


Liposuction is a very popular procedure in the United States and abroad.  It is an excellent tool for removing areas of unwanted fat.  The perfect candidate for the procedure is someone that has worked hard on reducing their body and has trouble spots in their flanks or love handles, outer thighs, knees, inner thighs or abdomen.  There are many forms of liposuction that have developed over time.  The most common liposuction is performed with tumescent fluid which is essentially a fluid that consists of liquid that has a similar saline content or salt content to the body fluid in conjunction with lidocaine to numb it and epinephrine to shrink the vessels.  This has reduced the complication rate of liposuction significantly as fluid is replaced as it is removed.  Other advances in liposuction include ultrasonic liposuction as well as laser liposuction.

This procedure can be performed under local anesthesia in the office for modest troublesome spots and in the operating room under general anesthesia for more extensive liposuction.  This is a fantastic sculpting tool and requires an artistic eye and knowledge of anatomy to create a beautiful cosmetic result with minimal complications.  The results in liposuction can take up to a full year to visualize.  Typically, you are about 80% in three months, 90% in six months, and 100% in a year.  Liposuction is usually followed by endermologie which is a form of tissue massage which includes suction and rolling pins to create an even result as a result of kneading out any fluid and blood within the channels created by the liposuction as well as creating a lymphatic massage.  Patients can enjoy a natural cosmetic transition with appropriate sculpting which also can include fat injection in the buttock or in any hollows that have been created over time.

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