BLEPHAROPLASTY (Eyelid Surgery, Eyelid Lift)

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Blepharoplasty (Eyelid Surgery, Eyelid Lift) New Jersey

Blepharoplasty – Berlet Plastic Surgery New Jersey

Eyelid surgery also called blepharoplasty or eyelift can rejuvenate puffy, tired-looking eyes by removing excess skin, fat and muscle from the lower and upper eyelids as well as suspending the lower eyelids back to the bone.  This can be performed for cosmetic reasons or to improve site by lifting droopy eyelids out of the patient’s field of vision.  It is very effective for creating a crisp, rested look.  However, it will not raise the eyebrows or reduce the appearance of deep wrinkles, crow’s feet or dark circles under the eyes.  When combined with other procedures such as brow lifts, Botox or laser treatments these other effects can be achieved as well.  Eyelid surgery can often be performed in the office both upper and lower eyelids.  This is a local anesthesia procedure with oral sedation.  It takes approximately 1-1.5 hours to perform both upper and lower lid surgery.  Incisions are made along the upper lid crease with removal of an ellipse of skin, small strip of muscle and delicate removal of upper lid fat to improve contour of the upper lid.  Lower lid fat will also be removed to improve the lower lid cheek junction.  Often times, these will be performed in conjunction with a procedure called a canthopexy which is suspending the lower lid to the bone to rejuvenate the position of the lower eyelid which is treated much like a sagging hammock.  The sutures are removed in 5-6 days.  Makeup can be worn 24 hours later.  Often times, eyeglasses are an excellent camouflage to return to work.  Complications include dry eye, double or blurred vision for a few days, temporary swelling of the eyelids, tiny whiteheads or milia along the incisions, and swelling of the white part of the eye are known as chemosis.  Rarely, there may be pulling down of the lower lids called ectropion and this may require surgical correction.

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