Dr. Berlet has been in practice as a New Jersey plastic surgeon for over 20 years in Essex County, Bergen County, and the surrounding areas and has developed a large clientele from around the country and abroad.

New Jersey BOTOX®

p-iStock_000002706227BOTOX®, or botulinum toxin type A, is a protein commonly used to non-surgically reduce or eliminate the appearance of facial wrinkles. It is injected under the skin into areas surrounding the eyes, forehead and mouth to smooth crow’s feet, frown and worry lines, and lines on the neck. The injections work by blocking nerve impulses, thus weakening muscles to relax wrinkles and give the skin a rejuvenated look. BOTOX® may also be useful for migraine headaches, excessive sweating, and eye and neck muscle spasms. The procedure is quick and usually performed in an examination room. Here at Berlet Plastic Surgery in Essex and Bergen County, we use New Jersey BOTOX procedures to help you look younger, almost instantly.

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