ear gauging surgery new jerseyEar gauging or earlobe stretching has gained popularity over the past few decades in the US, despite dating back hundreds of years.  This trend involves someone stretching their earlobe by using various size rings.  Over time, larger and larger rings are inserted in the hole which cause the lobe to stretch more and more.  If the holes are less than ½ inch, they can shrink back down, but if they are larger, they require plastic surgery to get them back to their initial size.

There are many people who’ve gone the route of gauging their earlobes and have now come to regret that decision.  Because the skin is stretched and requires a very detailed repair, it takes a very skilled cosmetic surgeon to perform this surgery and get it right – Dr. Berlet is that surgeon.

Dr. Berlet has been providing earlobe and ear gauging reconstructive surgery for approximately 20 years.  He’s developed techniques that will allow for minimal scarring, but optimal healing and results.  The process takes about an hour and there is no down time or lasting discomfort.  The stitches are removed ten days after the surgery and, in most cases, the patient does not need to return to the office once the procedure is done.

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