Dr. Berlet has been in practice as a New Jersey plastic surgeon for over 20 years in Essex County, Bergen County, and the surrounding areas and has developed a large clientele from around the country and abroad.

Thigh Lift New Jersey

Body Lift - Berlet Plastic Surgery New Jersey

A thigh lift is a surgery that removes the excess skin from the thighs.  Typically, this was performed as a crescent resection in the groin area and lifting the thigh up.  However, because of the extensive scarring that tends to develop over time with the scar falling down the inner thigh, it has usually been changed to a T-shaped scar with a seam on the inner thigh depending on the extensiveness of the thigh laxity.   This sometimes can be performed in conjunction with liposuction of the outer thigh, all depending on each patient.  Scars usually fade very well with a thigh lift.

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