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Plastic Surgery for Scarring: What to Expect & Procedure Overview

For people with heavy scarring or a large number of scars, cosmetic surgery is an option. The medical term for this type of cosmetic or plastic surgery is scar revision surgery. Your plastic surgeon performs [...]

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Cosmetic Surgery for Men: 3 Most Popular Procedures

Cosmetic surgery for men is not a commonly discussed topic. Often, this is because men are not comfortable openly addressing their desire to look and feel better than they currently do. However, plastic surgery can [...]

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How to Find the Best Board Certified Plastic Surgeons Near You

Finding the top board-certified plastic surgeons near you is the most important step in determining the success of your cosmetic surgery. A successful procedure will make you more confident and help to boost your self-esteem. [...]

Everything You Should Know About Earlobe Reduction

Some people are born with earlobes that are larger than average in size and are self-conscious. Others have worn heavy pierced earrings that have weighed down the earlobes causing them to stretch. Some people were [...]

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A Patient Guide to Brachioplasty Procedure: What to Expect & Recovery

A Brachioplasty procedure, also known as arm lift surgery, can be a great solution for people looking to change the size and shape of their arms. Before choosing to undergo the procedure, it can help [...]

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