9 Celebrities With Natural-Looking Nose Jobs + The Best Plastic Surgeons in NJ for Rhinoplasty

9 Celebrities With Natural-Looking Nose Jobs + The Best Plastic Surgeons in NJ for Rhinoplasty

Everyone loves a good before and after photo, especially when it comes to celebrity plastic surgery. But these 9 celebs have such natural-looking nose jobs, you’ll be wondering where to go for the best plastic surgeons in NJ for rhinoplasty of your own!

The goal of rhinoplasty is to improve or correct the function or appearance of the patient’s nose and in turn, increase self-esteem. The following celebrities are shining examples of how a great nose job doesn’t have to be spectacularly noticeable.

1. Jennifer Aniston: In 2007, Jennifer opened about her wonderful experience with functional rhinoplasty to correct her deviated septum. She described it as the best thing she ever did.

2. Kaley Cuoco: Kaley opened about the importance of looking good to feel more confident which she achieved by getting a rhinoplasty procedure.

3. Tom Cruise: Tom has always been pretty open about his nose procedure. The bridge of the nose is narrower and a certain amount of the bony tissue was removed from the end of his nose.

4. Ashley Tisdale: Her septum was 80% deviated and she also had two fractures on the nose. Since childhood, she had trouble breathing from the right side of her nose. Rhinoplasty improved her breathing issues.

5. Iggy Azalea: Her plastic surgeon discussed that Iggy had a weirdly shaped nose. The tip of the nose was twisted and wide. To correct that he had to do tip shaping and refine her tip to make it look real. She also had a hump and a deviated septum which got corrected after the surgery.

6. Tyra Banks: Tyra had broken her nose when she was three years old which caused her nose to grow weirdly over time. She got her nose corrected by a cosmetic rhinoplasty procedure.

7. Ashlee Simpson: Ashlee opted for a cosmetic rhinoplasty to straighten out her convex nasal bridge. A bump on the nose was removed which led to an upward rotation on the tip.

8. Cameron Diaz: Cameron underwent functional rhinoplasty to repair the damage to her nose that was caused by a surfing accident. She had difficulty breathing earlier on but after the accident the situation got exaggerated. The surgery helped the actress to freely breathe again.

9. Dianna Agron: The star underwent two rhinoplasty procedures. The first one happened in high school when she broke her nose at a party. The next time she broke her nose while touring for her show.

What is Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty, or nasal surgery, is one of the most commonly performed cosmetic procedures in the country. It can be performed both for cosmetic and functional purposes. The reasons might even go hand in hand. Cosmetically, a nose can be enhanced, reduced, lifted, or narrowed, all to create a better proportional relationship with the face to make it look more delicate, sophisticated or attractive.

Also, people having difficulty breathing might undergo rhinoplasty to better their breathing. The septum’s position can be corrected, which results in improved breathing.

If you live anywhere in the New Jersey or New York area and are looking for the best plastic surgeons in NJ for rhinoplasty, Berlet Plastic Surgery should be at the top of your list.

Types of Rhinoplasty

Functional Rhinoplasty
Your nose is one of the most essential features of your face. if you have functional complications that make it difficult for you to breathe, it can compromise your quality of life. If you’re considering a correction to help your nose function properly, you should visit the best plastic surgeons in NJ for Rhinoplasty – Dr. Berlet.

Though most people tend to think that rhinoplasty is purely cosmetic, Dr. Berlet can perform the procedure to treat a number of medical conditions. His team can also correct the effects of physical traumas.

Here are some examples of functional rhinoplasty that Berlet Plastic Surgery is experienced with:

● Deviated Septum:
A deviated septum occurs when the nasal septum between your nostrils is dislocated to one side. Sometimes it completely obstructs one of the patient’s nostrils. This can cause the patient to snore chronically, develop dangerous sleep apnea or reduce airflow which causes difficulty in breathing. The surgeon might have to mold the bony upper portions of the septum or the cartilage in the lower portion. Depending on where it is deviated, Dr Berlet will use surgery to provide the best solution in such cases.

● Enlarged Turbinates
The turbinates are structures on the side wall that lies inside the nose. They protrude out into the nasal passages like ridges of tissue. These turbinates have bone and soft tissue that can become enlarged. This causes swelling for which the surgeons usually suggest Turbinate Rhinoplasty. It can be performed by either taking out the tissue or by fracturing the turbinates outwards.

● Nasal Polyps
Nasal polyps are soft, benign growths that form inside the nasal passages. They are usually the result of chronic allergies, irritation, drug sensitivity or certain immune disorders. This development can cause difficulty in breathing, frequent allergies and loss of sense of smell. In this case, the surgeon will perform rhinoplasty to carefully excise the nasal polyps so as to not damage the nose.

● Congenital Abnormalities
Congenital Abnormalities occur due to issues during fetal development. The nose might be affected and develop abnormally which can result in difficult breathing. Rhinoplasty surgery is often suggested by surgeons to lift up the nasal bridge and open the nasal passages.

● Physical Traumas
Physical traumas to the nose can lead to a crooked nose which could further inhibit the breathing in the patient. Fractures can occur anywhere along the bony structure of the nose. In these conditions, the surgeons suggest Reconstructive Rhinoplasty to regain an aesthetic and functional nose. During this surgery, the tissues are gently pushed back to their previous location. The best surgeons can also reconstruct the nose into a new shape if the patient desires.

Cosmetic Rhinoplasty

In many cases, people seek rhinoplasty for their nose to look better and provide a flattering complement to their facial structure.

If you live anywhere in the New Jersey or New York area and are looking for the best plastic surgeons in NJ for rhinoplasty, Berlet Plastic Surgery should be at the top of your list.

A plastic surgeon will have to evaluate carefully your facial features, any imperfections, and the structure of your nose. Only then would he be able to determine whether your expectations are realistic or not. There are several techniques Dr. Berlet uses to achieve a desired nose shape and size. For example,

● An enlarged radix can cause hump or depression on the bridge of the nose. Rhinoplasty can help to level the nose by removing the increased area or fill the depressed area using the patient’s cartilage.

● If the nose is crooked or displaced to one side, then rhinoplasty can help to fix the nose to correct position. Dr Berlet will physically shift the tissues of the nose and apply a splint for a couple of weeks while the nose heals.

● Rhinoplasty can help to flatten a nose that is protruding out too much.

● Rhinoplasty can also help to increase the size of the nose so that the patient can have a striking profile.

● Sometimes the tip of the nose can lack definition or is overly defined. In this situation, the surgeon will reshape the cartilage so that proper rotation is achieved on the tip of the nose.

● The nostrils and the tip of the nose form a triangle called pyriform aperture. This triangle affects the width of the nose. Rhinoplasty by qualified surgeons can help reduce the width by adjusting this triangle at specific angles.

How is the Procedure Performed?

There are two techniques that are popular. One is called a closed rhinoplasty where the incisions are made inside the nostrils of the nose. Most of the surgery is done within the confines of those incisions. Oftentimes this is limited mostly to dorsal nasal work. The tip usually requires an open rhinoplasty.

The nose is essentially two parts; a bridge and a tip. The bridge itself is two parts; half bone, half cartilage. Once a dorsum is reduced, it leaves an open roof which would require rebuilding of the cartilaginous portion of this roof. This is called spreader graft surgery and it will aid in functional recovery. It also creates a continuity of the bone into the cartilage which maintains a natural appearing nose. Tip surgery is performed on the nasal tip cartilage which is essentially a tripod of cartilage.

In the past, this was contoured by reducing two limbs of the tripod rendering potentially weak and deformed. Today, it is much more of a concentration on reinforcing the tripod and changing the shape of it either with sutures or cartilage grafting. The procedure typically takes 1.5-2 hours.

There is also something called revision or secondary rhinoplasty. This is surgery that is usually done to correct deformities of previously operated on noses. This requires a higher skill set and usually will require cartilage grafting. It is considered more difficult than primary rhinoplasty because cartilage is missing and often the nose has to be rebalanced. This is why it’s important to consult with the best plastic surgeons in NJ for rhinoplasty, such as Dr. Berlet, to get the best results.


A patient will have an external nasal splint and internal nasal splints for approximately one week. These will be removed and the nose will often be taped for several days later. Ideally for public presentation, it is 8-10 days. However, nasal swelling will persist for 1-2 years. Of course, there is an immediate improvement; however, the fine details take a significant amount of time.

The Best Plastic Surgeons in NJ for Rhinoplasty

Anthony Berlet, M.D. is a well-established plastic surgeon who has been in practice for over 20 years in northern New Jersey and has developed a large clientele from this region, as well as from around the country and abroad. He has formed a very strong reputation as a plastic surgeon due to his breadth of expertise in a wide array of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery procedures. He has been recognized repeatedly as a “Top Doctor” by New York and New Jersey Magazine as well as Castle Connolly for the New York Metropolitan area. His clients consist of many high-profile people in the entertainment industry including many models and centerfolds. This undoubtedly makes him one of the best plastic surgeons in NJ for rhinoplasty.

The primary focus of Dr. Berlet’s cosmetic practice has been to create a natural, refreshed appearance and avoid a “plastic, over surgical” look. His favorite quote to patients is “You are here for rejuvenation not alteration”. He practices what he preaches. He also corrects the “surgical” look by taking a 3-dimensional approach to every aspect of one’s appearance.

Dr. Berlet is board-certified in both plastic and general surgery, which has given him a broad base of surgical expertise. Dr. Berlet completed his medical school education and plastic surgery residency at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, with an additional internship and general surgery residency at Albert Einstein Medical Center in Philadelphia. These solid credentials are supplemented by Dr. Berlet’s undergraduate training in architecture from the University of Pennsylvania, where he was an honors graduate. His blend of art, design, and highly developed surgical skills truly set Dr. Berlet apart within the field of plastic surgery.

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